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Status: Released on 12/06/2013

Download Setup and Release Notes here

GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 4 adds support to iOS 7, drag & drop, improvements in maps and more power and flexibility to design outstanding smart devices applications. These and security enhancements in web are the most important features this upgrade adds. 

New Software Requirements

As of Preview #2, in order to build iOS apps, XCode 5 is required

New Features


Built with this version in its Previews stage

Disclaimer: Tienda Inglesa app uses some external components not provided built-in with GeneXus yet.


Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3 or prior users

  • Breaking Changes
    • SAC 24422 - ClientInformation.OSVersion now returns Android Version and not SDK Version. 
    • SAC 34871 - Autogrow Property in iOS: Changed the behavior of the controls with the Autogrow property set to False. Controls will grow a minimum height necessary for that control to be shown correctly on the UI, even though the autogrow property is set to false. 
    • SAC 34665 - Fix related to Calendar.Schedule() and timezones in iOS
    • GAM Rest services require the header Genexus-Agent:"SmartDevice Application". This has to be taken into account when calling them from external programs.
  • Since GXflow Engine's database schema changed, workflow tables need to be deployed again. To do so in the production environment: create a business process deploy file from your Knowledge Base, install GXflow X Evolution 2 Upgrade 4 Setup for Production Environment and deploy the workflow tables using the Business Process Deployer. The Production Environment for GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 4 can be downloaded from,8,77,O,S,0,,4342;
  • The algorithm for encrypting parameters in web applicactions has changed. If you are encrypting the parameters by code, you need to consider that changes have been made in the algorithm. SAC 16510.
  • New warning spc0204 is introduced for security checking. SAC 34907.
  • Android: Android Maps API property default value changed to Version 2. Maps (i.e. Maps Control Type and SD GeoLocation Picker Control) may stop working if not reconfigured properly according to this new Google Maps API
  • iOS: KBN does a stronger consistency verification when loading the metadata.
    • "Action Descriptor not found" may appear when the action in the Application Bar has no Event associated

Compatibility Notes for X Evolution 2 Upgrade 2 or prior users

More Features & Fixes

Please check for more details in the Release Notes here

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