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Indicates where the data used to fill the control is loaded from.


Attributes Indicates that the control will be filled with attributes (ItemValues and ItemDescriptions properties must be completed).
Data Provider Indicates that a Data Provider will be used to fill the control.
Values Selects a set of values that will be used to fill the control. It is only visible for Wheel Control for Native Mobile apps.


Controls: Attribute/Variable (Control Type: Dynamic Combo Box, Dynamic List Box, Edit, Wheel)


When the Control Type property = Wheel Control for Native Mobile apps, the "Range" value is also offered. This value selects a range of numbers (Only for Numeric variables / attributes).

When you set the Control Type property = Edit, the Data Source From property can be set. The same applies if the InputType property or the Suggest property are not set to their default value ("Values" and "No", respectively). Details can be found in Edit with Suggest.

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design time.

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