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Dynamic Combo Box is a control applied for Win, Web and Native Mobile applications. It is used to relate two different Transactions.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a dynamic combo box in Native Mobile.


AutoGrow If this property is true then the field will adjust the length of the attribute.
Data Source From Indicates where the data is loaded from (a table, a Data Provider or from fixed values)
ItemValues When selecting an item from a dynamic combo box, this property specifies the value that will be used in this field.
ItemDescriptions Specifies the attribute values that will be listed by the Dynamic Combo Box.
SortDescriptions If this property is true, then the descriptions will be sorted.
Conditions You can set conditions on the list that will be deployed (it is unavailable until RC).
InstantiatedAttribute Specifies a list of attribute names whose values ​​will be assumed instantiated when navigation is being calculated.
EmptyItem It enables to set an empty option for this field.


For this example, you will create two Transactions: Country and Hostel. These Transactions are related 1 to N: a Hostel belongs to one Country and a Country has many Hostels.


You will have to apply the Work With pattern and Work With object (WWSD) to Hostel Transaction (for further information, see Applying Work With Pattern).


To set Dynamic Combo Box to CountryId you must set the Control Type property for the WW.

You will set the properties like the image shows:

Pattern Work With for Native Mobile


Item Value: CountryId
Item Descriptions: CountryName

You want to see the names of the countries, but the value that you need to store is CountryId. Finally, create a Menu object and add the item "WorkWithDevicesHostel"


Done! You have your application ready to deploy on the device.

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