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As software evolves, some elements change and are no longer valid in their previous form. These elements get deprecated in code to discourage their use, and also for future removal.

This document affects only the Android Flexible Client, meaning that it can only affect you if you developed some extension elements for the Android generator. That is if you developed an External Object or a User Control.


Note: If you are using any of these elements in your code, you should be getting a warning message with information on how to fix your code. That information is not included here to avoid duplication of information..

Deprecated elements to be removed in GeneXus 17 Upgrade 7 or later

Elements deprecated in GeneXus 17 upgrade 2 or earlier versions are going to be removed soon

Please take a look at the following list to find out if any of these affect your product.

Element Type Member
MyApplication class getInstance()
IGxControlRuntime interface setProperty(String name, Object value)
getProperty(String name)
runMethod(String name, List<Object> parameters)

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