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The GeneXus Project Navigator (GPN) is a native application that allows you to prototype online apps, or Mini apps, using the GPN in Android as in Apple, which accelerates prototyping and reduces some related software requirements. 


  • Download it from the Apple Store here.
  • From it from the Google Play Store here.

Known limitations

To prototype an application that uses any of the following features, a compiled application is required.

1) Offline generated code

Offline applications cannot be prototyped with the GPN. This tool only supports interpreted metadata.

Calling offline objects (that is, objects with the Connectivity Support property set to Offline) is not supported either.

2) User Controls and External Objects

Custom User Controls (or the standard AnimationView User Control) and External Objects are not supported in the GPN; only those provided natively by GeneXus can be used.

3) Notifications

Push notifications will not work when prototyping in the GPN.

4) Resources

Embedded resources will not work when prototyping in the GPN. That includes:

  • Embedded fonts; a default Helvetica font will be used instead;
  • Images with varying resolutions are not supported;
  • Other embedded resources will not work either; for example, custom Lottie animations.

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