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Indicates whether an object is going to be executed online or offline.


Inherit This value is only available for non-main objects. The value of the property will be inherited from the caller object at runtime.
Offline The object is executed completely offline with no automatic communication to the server.
Online The object will execute on an online environment communicating with the server via REST services. This is the default value for main objects for mobile applications development.


Objects: Data Provider, Menu, Panel, Transaction, Work With, Business Component, Procedure
Generators: Android, Angular, Apple


This property enables Offline Native Mobile Applications Generation.

It sets whether an object is generated online or offline. When an object is set to execute online, GeneXus will generate REST services in order to enable communication between the device and the web server. On the other hand, if the value is set to offline, native code for devices will be generated to execute every action on the device without invoking a REST service on a web server.

When this property is set to Offline in a Main Object, it means two things:



Since GeneXus X Evolution 3 this property is also available for Procedure objects and Business Components. This feature makes it easier to call Web Services in an offline application; before, when HttpClient was used, it was necessary to perform this kind of calls.

Now, calling a Procedure that is exposed as a REST service from an offline application is as simple as setting the Connectivity Support property of that Procedure to Online. Then, every time you call that Procedure from your application, it is going to be called via REST services.


  • If the Business Component is edited in the layout of some Work With pattern and Work With object, then the Connectivity Support property of the Business Component is discarded, and the device uses the Connectivity Support property of the WW object instead.
  • The Connectivity Support property over Procedures, Data Providers, and Business Components work only when these objects are called from Client Events; otherwise, the called object inherits the Connectivity Support property value from the caller object. This means, for example, that if an Online Procedure is called from an Offline Procedure, the Online Procedure is called Offline.

How to apply changes

To apply the corresponding changes when the property value is configured, execute a Rebuild All.

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