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&SynchResult = Synchronization.Send()


&SynchResult is a Numeric variable.


This methods sends to the server the pending modifications performed on the local database. All these modifications are stored as events in the GxPendingEvents table in the device local database.

Note: only changes made via a Business Component are sent to the server.

Once the Send process finishes, all pending events which have been successfully applied in the server are removed from the GxPendingEvents table, as in contrast, all events which could not be applied in the server stays still in the GxPendingEvents table and, all their status are changed into "RejectedServer".
The SynchronizationEvents external object has methods to query the pending events as well as any synchronization error.

Type returned

Returns one of the following values:

Send message code Send message Send message causes
0 Send OK. Data has been successfully sent.
1 Error opening transactions. Some error has occurred while opening the transactions.
2 Unknown error. Unknown error.
3 Replicator not found. The application could not found the replicator. Try checking if the Services URL property is OK or test if the replicator services are well published.
8 Send is already running Replicator will not be executed because another Send is already running
Tip: If you are using the Send method "manually" please avoid using Send Changes property "When connected" at the same time to prevent this warning.


An example of calling the Send method when pressing a button:

Event "MyAction"
    &SynchResult = Synchronization.Send()


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