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Sample App for purchase orders while being online or offline. Ideal for serving point-of-sales (POS) purposes.

Main Features

  • Create purchase orders without connection
  • Automatic Synchronization with the central server when connected
  • Synchronize specific data for each device that is using the app

GeneXus features

Feature Objects Comments
Offline Database object Offline Database object SalesOfflineOfflineDatabase (Properties and Conditions) Configure how the device is going to synchronize data with the central server, and write Conditions to filter the data that is going to be stored in the device.
Automatic Offline Data Synchronization Offline Database object SalesOfflineOfflineDatabase (Properties) The app synchronizes data with the central server automatically.
Offline Database Object events Offline Database object PurchaseOrdersOfflineOfflineDatabase (Events tab) Use the Offline Database object events in order to set variables to use them in the Conditions tab. This is useful for synchronizing specific data for each device.
Synchronization by Timestamp All transaction have 2 extra attributes Timestamp and IsDeleted Use this 2 attributes to know how to make the sychronization, which rows to update or delete.


Sales in action!

GooglePlay Sales App for Android

AppStore Sales App for iOS




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