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GeneXus offers the possibility to generate Offline Native Mobile applications in addition to Online Apps.

Applications of this type help to deal with common situations like sales, events, or any other scenarios of limited or no Internet connectivity. They allow executing database transactions even if the device has no connectivity.

As a result, GeneXus generates mobile applications that can run online, offline, or in a mixed way.

Generating an offline application involves creating a local database in the device and generating the corresponding programs in native code for each platform (Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS, etc) as stated in Offline Native Mobile Applications Generation.

Getting started

Start by creating your first offline application now!

To learn more about offline Native Mobile applications, read the document Offline Native Mobile applications. If you, as a developer, are interested in knowing how GeneXus generates offline Native Mobile applications, read Offline Native Mobile Applications Generation.

Success Stories and Showcases

Metro DF Offline App in action

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