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This document is the API specification for Smart Devices development provided by GeneXus platform.

Smart Devices have powerful hardware and operating systems. You can take advantage of its features by using External Objects and Procedure Objects, both packaged in a GeneXus's built-in module. Also, you can create your own set of APIs and easily integrate them in your Knowledge Base.

Warning: GeneXus's built-in module is available as of GeneXus 15. Previous versions of GeneXus have a subset of these APIs in the SmartDevicesApi  folder (automatically imported when a Smart Device object is created).

External Objects are not the only alternative that allows integration with other device's features. Take a look at Domains with Special SemanticsUser Controls and Extension Library concept

External objects
Module Object Description 
GeneXus.Client ClientInformation Access client device information.
ClientStorage Stores information on the device.
Socket Allows establishing, from the client, a bidirectional connection with the WebSocket Server
GeneXus.Common Analytics Measures the app usage by using an analytics provider. 
Clipboard Primitives for managing the device's clipboard.
DynamicCall Setting the call options to a dynamically called object.
Geolocation DEPRECATED - Access to GPS information.
Log Write your own log messages in different levels of importance.
Maps Provides several Location Services.
Runtime Differentiates when the app executes on client or server side.
CrashAnalytics Customizes and enhances crash reports in your mobile app by interacting with Firebase Crashlytics
Server Manages caching from server.
GeneXus.Common.UI Progress Manages activity progress bar.
Navigation Hides or displays content in some sections on the device's screen. 
GeneXus.SD Actions A set of common actions (e.g. go home, return, save, etc).
AppLifecycle Track application state changes.
ARPreview Display 3D objects.
Beacons Manages beacons through the device's bluetooth.
Calendar Schedules end-user's tasks on its calendar.
Contacts Manages end-user's contact on the device.
DeepLink Manages deep links on the application.
DeviceAuthentication Manages local authentication using biometrics sensors.  
Interop A set of miscellanous funcionalities (e.g. display messages or confirmations, send emails or SMS, etc.)
Network Checks device's network status.
Printer Print files directly to a Bluetooth printer connected.
RemoteConfig Change application parameters in runtime.
Scanner Scans barcodes by using device's camera.
Search Enhances search behaviors on the application.
WebBrowser Handles embedded web browser actions.
GeneXus.SD.iOS Permissions Requests iOS permissions manually.
GeneXus.SD.Media Audio Manages audio streaming.
AudioRecorder Manages audio recording.
Camera Uses device's camera.
Files Programmatically select files from your device.
PhotoLibrary Access to device's photo library.
VideoOperations Convert videos or reduce quality.
LocalNotifications Triggers local notifications (or alerts).
NotificationsConfiguration Configures remote push notifications by GeneXus's mechanism.
NotificationParameters Settings for remote push notifications status by GeneXus's mechanism.
RemoteNotificationResult  Handles remote push notifications status by GeneXus's mechanism.
RemoteNotifications Triggers remote notifications by using GeneXus's mechanism
GeneXus.SD.Offline Database Backup and restore the Offline Database.
GeneXus.SD.Store StoreManager Manage In App Purchases.
  StoreInterop Integrates and uses the ratings and reviews within their applications.
GeneXus.SD.Synchronization  SynchronizationEvents Manages syncrhonization status of offline application.
GeneXus.Social Facebook Interacts with Facebook app.
Share Shares content with third-party apps.
Twitter Interacts with Twitter app.


Module New name Description
GeneXus.Synchronization OfflineEventReplicator Internally manage 
Genexus.Common.Notifications AddDeviceGroups Adds a new target group for sending notifications by using an external provider. 
Genexus.Common.Notifications AddDeviceTargetFilter Adds a new target filter for sending notifications by using an external provider. 
Genexus.Common.Notifications RemoveDeviceGroups Removes a group that receives notifications by using an external provider. 
Genexus.Common.Notifications RemoveDeviceTargetFilter  Removes a filter that receives notifications by using an external provider. 
Genexus.Common.Notifications SendEvent Sends a silent notification by using an external provider.
Genexus.Common.Notifications SendEventTargets Sends a silent notification to some targets by using an external provider.
Genexus.Common.Notifications SendNotification Sends a push notification by using an external provider
Genexus.Common.Notifications SendNotificationTarget Sends a push notification to some targets by using an external provider

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