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Analytics external object enlarge those scenarios that can be solved using Enable (Google) Analytics property on client-side events.

Warning: All methods are not available in objects without UI, such as Procedures or Data Providers.
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It does not have any


TrackView method

It allows tracking a certain view by indicating its name. The most natural way of tracking views is by using the ClientStart event.

Return value  None
Parameters ViewName:Character(100)

Note: Note that the PageView is tracked automatically in Web Panels (.NET and Java) by the Analytics Control.

TrackEvent method

It allows tracking events through their features in order to obtain relevant data of consumers.
These features and their meanings are described below.

  • Category - Name of the category that the event belongs to. Its aim is just to group these events by category for reporting.
  • Action - Name of the action that identifies the event.
  • Label - A label associated with the event.
  • Value - A numerical weighted value for the event. Its objective is to allow managing reports (such as total, averages, etc.).
Return value  None
Parameters Category:Character(100), Action:Character(100), Label:Character(100), Value:Numeric(18.2-)

TrackPurchase method

For e-commerce porpuses. It allows sending in-app purchase data to be statistically processed. This information is loaded through the AnalyticsPurchase SDT.

Return value  None
Parameters PurchaseInfo:AnalyticsPurchase

SetUserId method

It allows univocally identifying end users when they access the main platform through more than one smart device, or at least one smart device and the web page.
This identifier must be provided by the developer (e.g. an authentication token, a username or an e-mail, but not the device ID).

Return value  None
Parameters UserId:Character(100)


It does not have any.

Structured Data Types


Stores temporary information about an in-app purchase made by the end user to be analytically processed. 



Generators: AppleAndroidJava.NET.NET FrameworkAngular


This External Object is available in Angular since GeneXus 18 Upgrade 3.

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