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Enables to monitor distributed applications using the JMX standard for Java applications and WMI for .NET applications. Any JMX or WMI monitor can be used to read the information obtained.


No Does not generate information to evaluate the system behavior. This is the default value.
Yes Generates information which can be analized using any JMX or WMI monitor.


Large applications need additional support to define whether they are feasible or not, that is to say, to confirm that they are not sure-fail applications.

In general it is required to get information on the system's behavior, identify critical application spots and establish if it will be necessary to reprogram them or modify their settings to change the detected behavior.

By setting Enable Management Property it is possible to monitor applications to help in the 'diagnosis' explained previously. As it runs, the application shows information in a JMX console, such as variables related to the connection pool, users, cursors, statements, procedures, etc.

In addition to publishing application variables, it allows you to change certain variables instantly through the console.

You can also execute certain operations such as recycling the connection pool or generating notifications when a variable reaches a value for which a prompt is to be triggered.


In general JMX is used for distributed applications, but it can be used for 2-tier applications also: Monitor 2-Tier applications.

How to apply changes

To apply changes made by this property, do a Build with this Only of the object.


Platforms: Web(.Net, Java)

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