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In some cases when it's neccessary to analyze the performance of a 2 tier application, extracting the required information from JDBC log files (execution time of procedures, reports, SQL staments count and average time, etc) may result more difficult than using a JMX monitor.

JMX can be used in win 2-Tier or batch aplications, in case you need to analyze these kind of information.

The "Perfomance" JMX Pack provides information on the SQL statements executed by the server.

In order to monitor a procedure (or any java program), you may execute the application in the following way, adding the corresponding system properties:

java -cp <classpath><port><host> <Java Package Name>.<ProcedureName>

For example

java -cp;.;itext.jar;C:\Software\java\JDBC\jtds-1.2.jar aprocppal


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