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This property allows monitoring all user interactions with an application (related to data).


No Monitoring is not performed. This is the default value.
Yes Allows monitoring user connections to the generated application.


In .NET, it is implemented using the WMI standard, which allows using any of the WMI monitors existing in the market to view the information. Monitoring can be done on any product that supports WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). WMI enables you to record and issue a class instance, in order to obtain information about the application at runtime (resources such as memory or processor and errors can be monitored with WMI).

There are two large "packs" implemented.

1. A Management pack

This pack indicates the application’s current behavior. It is mainly especially useful in production, to establish determine when you have to make certain adjustments have to be made to the application adjustments to improve its performance. It may also be also useful to find possible errors such as lost connections, locked users, etc.

2. A Performance pack

This pack was mainly conceived to be used before the application release, although it can be also used in production. It provides information related toabout the procedures and the SQL statements executed by the application. It allows identifying the most executed procedures or statements that are executed more often, the ones taking that take more time, etc.

Within these two large packs, the information is grouped in smaller packs indicating the type of information to be shown. 


As of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 1 this property has been renamed as Enable Management property.

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