Administrator User Password property

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The property exists related to Enable Integrated Security property.

It allows configuring the password for the Administrator User Name to access an application which has Enable Integrated Security property set to Yes.


admin123    For prototyping purposes, this is the default value.

Important note:

The purpose of the Administrator User Name Property is to facilitate prototyping. It's created only at GAM database initialization (when Enable Integrated Security property is first checked).

Changing the properties Administrator User Name property and "Administrator User Password Property" after the GAM database has been initialized will not force the creation of a new user or the change of its password, as the property is only for initialization purposes.

All GeneXus Dashboard applications are registered by this user, in order to run within F5. So,

Remember that the Administrator User is only for developing purposes, and has default values to facilitate prototyping (admin / admin123), but it exists as a real administrator user in GAM database, so it's advisable to change it's password.

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