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Specifies a Login Panel to be used when GAM is enabled.


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When GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) is enabled, Native Mobile applications have security mechanisms automatically incorporated.

When the session token is expired or does not exist, and the application needs authentication, the Login Object specified in this property is displayed to let users enter their credentials.

You can set this property with the name of any WW Panel object that uses the GAM API to check the user credentials and keep the session active, taking into account the security policies specified for this user in the GAM Repository.

The security mechanism will behave as specified in the security policies in GAM Manager Repository, and according to what is explained in Secure Native Mobile applications architecture.

Note: The default value for this property is "GAMSDLogin" which is a WW object imported into the KB when the Enable Integrated Security property is set to True. In case this property is empty and you do not find the mentioned object in your KB, you can import it from <GeneXusInstallationPath>\Library\GAM\GAM_Panels-for-SD.xpz 
Besides, this object can be taken as an example for implementing another login object. 

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design time.

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