Empty Grid Background Image property

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Shows an image when the Grid has no data.


We want to show a list of clients, so we apply the Work With object to the Client transaction and add an entry point in a Menu for Smart Devices object (GeneXus 16) pointing to the WorkWithDevicesClient.Client.List(). If there are clients in the database and we go to the WorkWithDevicesClients screen, the list will be shown; however, if we don't have any records the list will appear empty, and sometimes the user may think there is a problem.

In sum, this property allows the programmer to show an image instead of an empty space.



This property was called "Empty Data Set Background" before GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 2. In Upgrade 3 it was changed again to "Empty Background Image Grid".


Applies to Smart Devices
Control Grid
Platform Android platform, Apple platform, BlackBerry Smart Devices


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