HowTo: Using CameraAPI external object in GeneXus for Smart Devices (X Evolution 2 and 3)

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The CameraAPI is an external object that enables smart device apps to interact with the device's photo camera. The main purpose of this object is to invoke the Camera Native application of the device, take a picture and be able to use that image in the application.

This article has a step by step tutorial to use this feature in a Smart Device application generated by GeneXus Smart Devices Generator.

Step 1: External Object CameraAPI

To interact with the camera, an External Object has to be used: CameraAPI.


TakePhoto: This method invokes the device's camera native application, so the user can take a picture and select it to use it in the application.

Step 2: Learn by Example

a. Create a Panel for Smart Devices object:




&photo -> Image data type


Event 'TakePhoto'
    &photo = CameraAPI.TakePhoto()

Step 3: Execution

Once the action is executed:


After taking a picture:


After using it:


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