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At present, the fields in forms include a label that is usually located to the left of the field. But, what happens when a field does not have a value? The current situation is that there is no element in the user interface to suggest the entry of a value, or to show a possible example or to inform the maximum number of characters supported.

In some cases, it is best to have a suggestion for filling in the field (such as during the entry of forms) or to show, by way of an example, the type of data or the format of the data to be loaded in it.

In text boxes, this is normally solved by placing a gray text inside the text box that vanishes upon being focused on or when a value is entered.


In the following example, the text “Enter your name” has been entered, in design time, inside the InviteMessage property. The image below shows the results in runtime.

InviteMessage Property In-Design Example

There are cases where, despite not being their primary use, this may be used as an alternative to labels.

InviteMessage Property Example4


  • In order to show the invite message for Numeric attributes/variables definition, you must ensure that its Picture property has 'ZZZZ' value.
    Otherwise, the value 0 is displayed instead of the invite message.
  • As of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 4, this property is also available for Image-based variables/attributes in Smart Device Generator. By default has the same value of Label Caption property and it is shown above the editable image field (e.g. if it has a custom Placeholder Image)
  • The invite message property is only generated if at the environment level, the HTML Document Type property is set: HTML5

Warning: For Smart Devices generator, when the Invite Message property has the same value as Caption property, and Label Position property is None, the label won't be displayed but the invite message does.


Objects:  Attributes/Variables
Platforms:  Web, Smart Devices

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