GeneXus X Evolution 3 Smart Devices Offline Apps Generation Overview

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GeneXus X Evolution 3 adds the possibity to generate Offline Native Mobile applications in addition to Online Apps (that can already be developed with GeneXus X Evolution 2)

So one of the most requested features from our Corporate clients is arriving: Offline Native Mobile applications. This new feature solves common situations for apps in Points of Sales, Events apps or any scenarios of limited or no Internet connectivity. This feature allows applications to execute database  transactions even if the device has not connectivity.

GeneXus Tilo introduces new generators to resolves these scenarios. As from GeneXus X Evolution 3 an application can run online, offline or in mixed way.

Generating an offline app involves creating a local database on the device (in SQLite) and generating the corresponding programs in native code for each platform (Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS) as stated in Offline Native Mobile Applications Generation.

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Check out the Offline Native Mobile Applications for further learning.

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Metro DF Offline App in action

Metro DF App: Offline Applications development with GeneXus X Evolution 3?