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This is a property of the data provider object that indicates if GeneXus must infer the structure of the SDT (Structured Data Type) set in the Data Provider: Output property.  This means that the Data Provider structure will be used to create (or Update) the SDT structure.


Yes, if SDT is dynamic If the SDT set in the Output property, Dynamic Structure property is set as True, the structure of the SDT is inferred from the Data Provider structure.
No No SDT is inferred. This is the default value.


If we define the following Data Provider:


And set the Infer Structure property as 'Yes, if SDT is dynamic':


then the following SDT will be automatically created with its structure inferred from the Data Provider's:


Note that the Data Provider: Output property is automatically set to the newly created SDT.

As long as the Dynamic Structure property, of the SDT defined in the Data Providers Output property, is set as 'True', every time that the Data Provider is saved, the SDT structure will be inferred by the specifier.

When we define the Infer Structure property as 'No', the structure of the SDT defined in the Data Providers Output property will not be inferred and automatically changed.


Objects: Data Provider

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