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The Default Web Form Editor property operates at the version level.
It determines the web editor that will be used by default in designing web forms. 


HTML The editor to be used is HTML Editor. This is the default value.
Abstract Layout The editor to be used is Web Abstract Editor. As a result, the design will be responsive


The Default Web Form Editor property determines the editor that will be used in designing the web form for any new object.
Consider this to be the editor for the Root form, because the form may be designed using either editor, interchangeably, building up a tree structure, with the possibility, for different parts of the form, to use a different editors. For more details on this go to Nesting abstract and HTML form layouts.


In order to make a RWD the HTML Document Type property needs to be set to HTML 5 because Bootstrap makes use of certain HTML elements and CSS properties that require the use of the HTML5 doctype. 


Objects: Transactions, Web Panels.
Controls: Forms
Languages: .NET, Java
Interfaces: Web

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