StartTracking method

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This method used for tracking purposes triggers the GPS to start tracking the device location. The updated location will be changed for every ChangesInterval and also if the device moved a certain distance.

Return value  None
Parameters SDT TrackingParameters


Structured DataTypes

  • ChangesInterval: Numeric (8.0)

Specifies the minimum time in seconds between change updates. 0 means ignore this parameter.

  • Distance: Numeric (8.0)

Specifies the minimum distance between change updates. 0 means any distance.

  • Action: Character (20)

Specifies the name of the action that the app will automatically call to process the latest updates of the Tracking methods. This action should be defined in the Dashboard object as an Item or Notification (Notifications area).

  • ActionTimeInterval: Numeric (8.0)

Specifies the minimum time that must elapse before the action is executed again. The value entered in this parameter must be greater than ChangesInterval; otherwise, this parameter will be ignored. This time interval is restarted when the Action is executed, and it is not affected when the geolocation changes.

  • Accuracy: Numeric (8.0)

Measurement in meters per second of the device movement.   

  • UseForegroundService: Boolean

Only for Android Platform. You need to enable this option to use this method on Android Devices with an operating system greater than or equal to Android 8.

Note: The called action should be an event with no UI interaction.

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The parameters Action and ActionTimeInterval are available for:

UseForegroundService is available for Android since GeneXus 16 upgrade 5.

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