Web User Controls

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Note: If you want to create a user control, as of GeneXus 16, it is strongly recommended to create a User Control object.

Web User Controls like the following can be included in GeneXus applications:

ImageGallery User Control picture1


Silverlight FishEye Menu Control picture 1


After a user control is installed in GeneXus it should be used as any other standard control. This means that:

  • You will have User Controls available in the Toolbox.
  • You manipulate User Controls like any other standard control at design time.
  • Some controls may be bound to variables or attributes. They may also be used in attribute control information
  • Programming with user controls is the same as programming with standard controls:
    • Setting Properties: control.PropertyName = value
    • Handling Server Events:
      Event control.Click
    • So, when somebody develops a user control, GeneXus is extended!

To start with User Controls, you can try with any of the user controls which are available by default in the GeneXus toolbar, or download a new one from the GeneXus marketplace

The User controls catalog is a useful documentation to start with, as it shows some of the user controls available and how to use each of them.

To see more User Controls and share and discuss or ask experts about User Controls, check the User Controls forum.