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The Map User Control allows including a map in a Web Layout (for example, in a Web Panel Web Layout) and marking points on it.


When it is dragged from the Toolbox to a Web Layout, a sample is imported to mark some points on the map. As a result, variables and events are automatically defined. In addition, properties are set in those events and you can replace the default values.

Using the control

The control is distributed by GeneXus; however, it is possible to download and install a newer version. To do so, download the control from here and decompress the zip file to the User control directory of the GeneXus installation.

Currently, there are three providers: Google, Baidu, and Yahoo for any city in the world.

As previously described, you have to drag the Map User Control from the Toolbox to the Web Layout. Then, a sample is imported, marking some points on the map. For each point, a title, text, and link can be specified.

To geoposition the map or to position a point on it, the coordinates (latitude/longitude) are needed. To this end, you can set the Latitude property and Longitude property (N/E positive number, S/W negative number). These values are in decimal degrees format. In addition, you can configure the Map User Control City property.

To draw a point on a Map, you just have to program something like the following:

&BusStation = new GxMap.Point()
&BusStation.PointLat         = "-34.9056247303566"
&BusStation.pointLong        = "-56.198415756225586"
&BusStation.PointInfowinTit  ='!"Tres Cruces"
&BusStation.PointInfowinDesc = !"Terminal Tres Cruces"
&BusStation.PointInfowinLink = !""
&BusStation.PontIcon = &Image.ImageUri 


At runtime, it is displayed as:


For more details on how to program the most common use cases, go to Map User Control Use Cases.


See the list of properties available to set for a Map User Control in: Map User Control Properties.


Google Provider:
Since 22 June 2016, an API key is required:
In order to get an API key, go to with the following terms of use.
Since June 2018, you must include an API key with all API requests and enable billing on each of your projects.

Yahoo Provider: The component was discontinued by the provider.


Breaking change: To configure a Google Maps API key after Google's policy changes of 22 June 2016, please download version 8.1 or higher from here or the marketplace.

Please visit: Default Installation Instructions for User Controls.

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