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Warning: As of GeneXus 16 upgrade 2, please follow the instruction in the README.MD inside the Android\Sources directory. For older releases use this guide.

The Android's FlexibleClient and all of its extension libraries are distributed as compiled artifacts with GeneXus 15. If you wish to make your own modification to these components, you can do so but you'll need to build them yourself from its sources. How to do this is what's explained below.

Quick overview

If you look inside the Android directory of your Genexus installation, you'll find the following directories (among others which are not relevant for our purpose):

  • Sources: Contains a gradle project with multiple modules (FlexibleClient & all of its extensions).
  • m2Repository(1): This Maven repository contains all the compiled artifacts for the FlexibleClient & its extensions (which corresponds to what's in the Sources directory) and other third-party dependencies that are required for compiling a Genexus-generated Android project.

Check the requirements section before getting started.

Build & Deploy changes

Execute the following command from a command line with Android\Sources as your working directory:

> gradlew uploadArchives
Warning: Note that you'll need to start your command line with Administrator privileges if your Genexus installation is under the Program Files directory (which by default it is).


(1) The name and content of this directory have been varying in GeneXus upgrades. 

  • Until  GeneXus 15 Upgrade 8, it was called MavenRepositories and agglomerates three Maven repositories: genexusRepository, androidGradleRepository & thirdpartiesRepository (whose purposes,in order, are the same described in m2Repository). The process to build Android's FlexibleClient is analogous to the process described in this document. The main fact is to copy the compiled libraries into MavenRepository\genexusRepository folder.
     > xcopy build\outputs\genexusRepo ..\MavenRepositories\genexusRepository\ /e /Y
  • In Genexus 15 Upgrade 10 when compiling the FlexibleClient, some errors messages are displayed (check SAC #43360). In order to solve the problem, download the fix files from here, and unzip the in the folder <GeneXus>\Android\Sources.

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