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Manage the Team ID when the Mac computer has more than one developer account.


The Development Team ID property helps the developer to explicitly manage the Team ID when the Mac computer has more than one developer account.
It must be set when the Execution Type property is iOS Device (Mac).

How to know my Team-ID?

1. Login to Developers Apple page


2. Go to "Your account" tab


3. Search "Developer Account summary", and there it is the Team-ID associated with you Apple-ID.


4. Copy the 10-characters string that appears in Team-ID field to GeneXus Development Team ID property. Then, this Team ID will be used as a prefix for the Bundle Id of your application.
     When GeneXus sends the information associated with your iOS application to the Mac computer, in XCode will appear this Team ID under General section of your project.

Developer Team ID - XCode result


Objects: Main Smart Devices
Platforms: Smart Devices(IOS)

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