HowTo: Using Horizontal Grid control in Web applications

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Horizontal Grid Control is a way of viewing the elements of a list in a carousel style.

The Horizontal Grid for web applications requires using the Abstract layout and it should be used for Responsive Web Applications.

How to use the control

Drag a Free Style Grid control to the web form, and set the Custom Render property to Horizontal Grid.


Configure the following properties:

  • Columns property for free style grids in RWD. This property is for any Free Style grid, even those with no horizontal rendering.
  • Rows per Page. This property is under the Horizontal grid section of the properties panel of the grid. It allows configuring how many rows will be shown per page depending on the viewport size.
    Those sizes are the same as the ones considered in the Responsive Sizes property dialog.
    The following figure shows a grid where Columns = 2, and Rows per Page = 2 when the viewport size = small.



Horizontal Grid properties

Paged Indicates whether the view will display items page-by-page, with each page containing the most ColumnsPerPage*RowsPerPage items
Show Page Controller Specifies whether or not the page controller will be displayed
Page Controller Class Class for the page controller
Show Arrows Enable Next/Previous arrows
Infinite Enable infinite loop sliding (a carousel).
Auto Play Auto-play is enabled, or not?
Auto Play Speed Speed in milliseconds.
Variable Width When Variable Width is enabled, the visible area shows as many slides as possible, according to the width of each slide. Column properties indicate how many slides are scrolled each time a page is changed
Rows per page Sets the number of Rows per page for each screen size
CurrentPage Gets or sets the current control page (only Runtime property).

Configuring the appearance of the Horizontal Grid

The grid Page Controller Class property allows assigning a Theme Class to configure some style settings for the grid.

The default for Page Controller Class property is GridPageController class, but you can use any of its descendants. 

The GridPageController class has the following properties:

Controller Container Class property Class used to style the controller's container box (See the image example below).
Indicator Selected Color Color of the selected page indicator.
Indicator Unselected Color Color of the unselected page indicator.
Indicator Symbol property Symbol used for the page indicator. UTF-8 symbols are supported (For example, use \2022 for a dot).
Arrows Color property Color of the arrows used to scroll.
Left scrolling arrow symbol property Symbol used to scroll to the left. It can be a symbol or its UTF8 representation.
Right scrolling arrow symbol property Symbol used to scroll to the right. It can be a symbol or its UTF8 representation.