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The ClientInformation external object is a set of functions intended to provide access to the client machine information (browser or smart device), where the application is running.

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Id property

This property returns an acceptable device identifier in most implementations. Please read ClientInformation.Id Property for detailed behavior description.

OSName property

Returns the operating system name running on the SD as a string (as a VarChar(40)).
Returned values are: "iPad", "iPhone", "iPod", "Android" and "Blackberry".

OSVersion property

Returns the version of the operating system running on the Smart Devices as a string (as a VarChar(40)).
The returned value format depends on the operating system.

NetworkID property

The value of this method is valid only for Android. It is used to identify a smart device that is accessing the network, and its value depends on the network technology.
A unique identifier for the device is returned, which can be IMEI (for GSM), MEID (for CDMA), ESN or an empty string if the device ID is not available.

Note: To get that information, the Include Network Id in Client Information property must be set to True.

Language property

A character string is returned with the device language (as a VarChar(20), e.g. 'en-US,en' with '<locale>,<language>' format.
A possible use-case, for example, is to measure the number of devices accessing the application that lacks the language configuration not provided by the application. In this way, priorities can be established to make the application international.

Note that the application will be automatically displayed in the language more appropriate for the user, depending on the device language and the languages available on the Knowledge Base. The GetLanguage function must be used to programmatically determine the language being used to display the application.

DeviceType property

Returns one of the followings enumerated values from SmartDeviceType domain: iOS or Android.

PlatformName property

Returns the platform name of the device as much specific as possible.  Its value consists of three device features described in the following table (e.g. Android Tablet 10").

O.S. Type Size
Android Phone  
Tablet 7''
iOS iPad  

AppVersionCode property

Returns the version number of the application which it was set by the developer in VersionCode property.

AppVersionName property

Returns the version name of the application which it was set by the developer in VersionName property.


It does not have any.


It does not have any.


SmartDeviceType domain

Indicates Smart Devices platforms.

Android Android device
Blackberry  Blackberry device (no longer supported in GeneXus 15)
iOS iOS device
Windows Windows Phone device (no longer supported in GeneXus 15)



Platforms  Smart Devices (iOS, Android)


As of GeneXus X Evolution 3.

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