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Module to store information (pairs of key-values) locally that can be accessed from the client even without connectivity. 

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It does not have any.


Set method

It saves the received value associated with the specified key. If it is applied consecutive times to the same key, its value is the latest assigned.

Return value  None
Parameters Key:Character(20), Value:Character(20)

SecureSet method

Analogous to the Set method, but it persists encrypted data.

Return value  None
Parameters Key:Character(20), Value::Character(20)

Remove method

Deletes the stored value for the given key. If the key does not exist, the method has no effect.

Return value  None
Parameters Key:Character(20)

Get method

Gets the stored value for the given key. If the key does not exist, it returns an empty string.

Return value  Character(20)
Parameters Key:Character(20)

Clear method

Clears all pairs of key-values stored in the device.

Return value  None
Parameters None


It does not have any.


This API is useful, for instance, when the application needs to save some user settings in the device.

Event 'ConfirmHomeGeolocation'
     ClientStorage.Set('HomeGeolocation', &Geolocation)

Event ClientStart
     &Geolocation = ClientStorage.Get('HomeGeolocation')
     If not &Geolocation.IsEmpty()


  • ClientStorage API methods apply to both Online and Offline Smart Devices applications.
  • The stored values persist even if the application is closed or the user logs off. (Note that WebSession data type expires when the app is closed.)
  • The application stores the information in the device, so you can only use this API in offline procedures and events executed on the device.
  • When the developer uses Set and SecureSet methods for the same key, the persisted value it will be associated with the last method invoked.
  • Get and Remove methods are shared with both Set methods.


Platforms  Smart Devices (iOS, Android)

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