Offline Synchronization Log Level property

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Set the log level desired related to the database offline synchronization.


Debug Info level plus useful information for the developer is saved.
Error Only errors are saved.
Info Error, warnings and any other relevant information is saved.
Off Default value. No log is saved.
Warning Error and warnings are saved.


This property applies only at design-time.



D/SyncHelper(3308): jsonParameters[]
D/SyncHelper(3308): Start invoke local sync proc
D/SyncHelper(3308): End invoke local sync proc
D/SyncHelper(3308): Local sync commit changes
D/SyncHelper(3308): jsonParameters ...
D/SyncHelper(3308): Database file: /data/user/0/com.artech.sdv15u3offline.sd15u3toff/files/db/sd15u3toff.sqlite
D/SyncHelper(3308): Hashes file: /data/user/0/com.artech.sdv15u3offline.sd15u3toff/files/db/sd15u3toff_hashes.json
D/SyncHelper(3308): callSynchronizer dismissIndicator progressDialog is null.
D/SyncSendHelper(3308): Call OfflineEventReplicator.
D/SyncSendHelper(3308): OfflineEventReplicator sending 1 events.
D/SyncSendHelper(3308): Call ProcedureReplicator. input: 1
D/SyncSendHelper(3308): Uploading blob : 1 of 1
D/SyncSendHelper(3308): Save sucessfully 2dee2965-2d91-4bfb-9af1-3104fb029b68 , 3 , 
D/SyncSendHelper(3308): End Call ProcedureReplicator.

How to apply changes

To apply changes made by this property, Build a main object.


Objects: Main Smart Devices
Platforms: Smart Devices(Android, IOS)

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