Show Selector property

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Sets the user interface behavior that will have the Grid control when it allows multiple selection


Value   Description
Platform default   Default value.
• For iOS generator, the behavior of On Action value is assumed.
• For Android generator, the behavior of Always value is assumed.
Always The selector is always visible in the Grid. The end user selects a set of rows first and then executes the action with a "for each selected line" command for processing each row.
On Action The selector becomes visible only when the end user selects the action having a "for each selected line" command over the Grid.  Then, the end user selects a set of rows, allowing the user to confirm or cancel the action execution for processing each row selected.


This property applies only at design-time.


Controls Grid control
Platforms   Smart Devices (iOS, Android)


This property is available as of  GeneXus X Evolution 2.

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