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This article shows some differences and helps to disambiguate or understand some terms that you may find in articles related to GeneXus M


GeneXus M is not a complete IDE yet; as of December 2018, you cannot create Language Objects or apply Patterns provided by third parties yet, for example.

Platforms Support

The IDE of GeneXus M runs on MacOS, Linux and Windows; GeneXus IDE runs on Windows.

Language and Design

GeneXus M provides an improved language for describing business objects and queries. You can code writing text or use rich editors, you are always assisted with the latest techniques for highest Developer Experience. The traditional GeneXus IDE puts more emphasis on rich editors and drag & drop. 

Here are some differences in Language and how the new concepts of GeneXus M match to the ones of GeneXus.


An Entity in GeneXus M, is a Transaction object in GeneXus

GeneXus M's IDE missing features

This is a list of some things you may still miss on this IDE

  • Create & Edit these objects
    • Language, Unit Test, UI Test, Stencil, Business Process Diagram, Diagram, Deployment Unit
  • Team Development,
  • Knowledge manager tasks: Import, Export, Manage Module References
  • Other missing Toolwindows
    • Comparer
    • Versions
    • Indexer
    • Search
    • Deployment
    • References
  • Tools Menu
    • Inspectors, Reverse Engineering, GAM tools, etc
  • Build Menu
    • Deploy, Deploy through GeneXus Cloud, Export Reorganization

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