Updating GeneXus Applications to Version 9.0

Unofficial Content

Updating applications to GeneXus 9.0 means converting the knowledge base while maintaining the same features and platform of the application.

This update will allow using - without any intervention from the developer - the implicit features of this version (for example, the ones available in the Development Environment and the general optimizations of the application that can change its performance, interface, etc).

Visit here for an overview of this version.

Click here to see all implicit features.


Follow this guide step by step guide to convert your application to GeneXus 9.0.


Use this tool to compare the object navigation lists between the initial version and version 9.0. This will allow you to see the differences that may arise because of the improvements/changes introduced in this version. You may not perform the comparison of WorkPanel objects because they will not be used. Anyway, this will give you an idea of the differences that may exist in the new web panels to be developed (with a similar logic).


"Upgrade to GeneXus 9.0" distance course

GeneXus training site: training.genexus.com