Steps to get Google Analytics Tracking Code

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These are the basic steps you need to get a Google Analytics Tracking code to set up in Code Property of Google Analytics Control or Tracker ID Property for using Google Analytics in Smart Devices.

1) Access and log in.

2) Clic on Admin (near the Left bottom corner)


3) Now you see three columns: ACCOUNT | PROPERTY | VIEW. 

You must have or create an Account, then a Property. If you need to create one, click on the drop-down (combo box) and then click on the option Create Account (or Create Property).

IMPORTANT Both must be of type Website. They MUST NOT be of type Mobile App, even if you are requiring a Tracking ID for Smart Devices!

4) After creating a Property, you get a Tracking ID

If you already created the property, under the Property column you find the option 'Property Settings'. When you click on it, you get the Tracking ID you need to set up in GeneXus.