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Specifies user-initiated actions for the application.


The Application Shortcuts property is available under the Main object properties

With this property, the developer is able to define some actions that can be triggered directly from the home screen by the end user. Some use cases of shortcut actions are listed below. There can be much more depending on your application needs.

  • Email: New email, Inbox, Search email
  • Camera: Take selfie, Record video
  • Maps: Take me home, Share location, Search nearby, Request service at my location
  • etc...

In GeneXus, the developer simply creates a Menu object whose items will be the actions displayed in the shortcut widget. Also, you can associate an icon with each action by using the Image property of the Action node, and change its label through its Description property.

The icon defined in the Image property can be set by using:

  1. Predefined icons
    Each platform has a predefined list of icons. For using them, you must write "gx" prefix to the system icon name in the Image property. That's means: 
    where <system_icon> is the name of one iOS-icon (e.g. gxLocation_TakeMeHome).
  2. Custom icons
    Simply add an Image object to the Knowledge Base, and reference it from Image property. Consider that the icon will not be displayed with colors.

Finally, the developer sets on the Application Shortcut property the Menu object previously created. In iOS devices, the actions available are displayed when the end user uses 3D-Touch (applying pressure on the screen when selecting the application icon). 


This property applies only at design-time.


First, create a Menu object and define which will be your application shortcuts. In this case, we will create four actions: play a new game, view the user profile, display the user playlist, and go to the chatroom.

Then, we associate a custom icon with each action and customize its description. For instance, in the PanelChat action, we change the Image and Description properties as follows:

Finally, we set the MenuShortcut object (previously created) in the Application Shortcuts property of our Main object. MainObject_png

At runtime, the end user will be able to display every action we had defined and select any of them for open it.

How to apply changes

To apply changes made by this property, do a Build All.


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