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.Net Core Generator is under development and feature support changes continuously. The following matrix resumes the current status of .Net Core Generator feature coverage.

Feature Supported
SQLServer, MySQL, Postgresql x
GAM with SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL x
Oracle, Db2, iSeries, Informix  
Deploy to cloud  apps5.genexus.com x
F5 with Docker x
Deploy to Docker x
REST services  x
Memcached and Redis x
Excel x
PDF Reports x
Web Sockets / socket api  
External Storage AWS S3 x
External Storage IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure  
Geography data type  
Insert batch with blocking  
FTPService x
GAM with Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, iSeries, Informix  
Mail (except MAPI) x
Milliseconds x
Storage Timezone (all values) x
Full TextSearch  
GUI Reorg  



Functions - Properties Supported
Functions wrkst, calculate  
Show Prompt property in Reorg  
Event handlings: Beforecommit, BeforeConenction, BeforeRollback, and After*  
Methods File.XsltApply, File.HtmlClean  
Properties HttpClient.ProxyServerHost, HttpClient.ProxyServerPort, and HttpClient.Certificates  

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