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BitBitNews is a sample KB about News and Stats about Cryptocurrencies.

The mobile application (the native iOS and Android apps) lets the user browse the latest news related to cryptocurrencies and shows statistics of the most important coins. The web back-office allows loading news and coins from third-party services. 

It is meant to be a showcase of some features related to UI and Integration with third-party services.

GeneXus features

Feature Objects Comments
Stencil object ShowArticleTitle, ShowArticleTitleAbove, ShowArticleTitleRight, ShowCoinCode The SD Panels 'ListCoins' and 'ListArticles' use the Stencil objects 'ShowArticleTitle', 'ShowCoinCode'
Canvas ListArticles Canvas holding each Article
Smart Grid ListArticles 'Grid1' Control that shows the list of Articles
Flex Grid ListArticles  'Grid2' Control that shows a list of Coins related to each Article
Dashboard object Dashboard The Web Panel 'Dashboard' contains the Dashboard object 'DashboardViewer'


Steps to Get the KB

  1. First of all, you need GeneXus 16 Beta
  2. Do a File > New > Knowledge Base from GeneXus Server; selecting the BitNews KB from the '' GeneXus Server instance
  3. Download the following modules to build the KnowledgeBase
    Once downloaded, added them using Knowledge Manager > Manage Module References (Once you are in the Module Manager, Right-click on the 'Local' Server and select the option Upload from file)
  4. Follow the steps documented in the main document of the KB to get it running


The  'RefreshData' procedure connects to services to get the latest news and to update the database with the new information gathered. To execute it automatically every hour the following has been set up:



This KB has been developed and designed for GeneXus 16

BitBitNews in action!

Web View Backoffice
GooglePlay BitBitNews App for Android
AppStore Upcoming

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