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The Progress external object enables you to give a feedback to the end-user about the progress of a batch process that is being executed.

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Class property

To assign a Theme-class to the control.

Type property

The Progress Indicator can be determinate (Type=1) or indeterminate (Type=0). Determinate indicators show the progress of the processing, while indeterminate ones don't inform you about the status during the process. There is an enumerated domain for this purpose (ProgressIndicatorType).

Title property

Main text that is shown on the progress Indicator.

Description property

More information is shown on the progress indicator screen.

MaxValue property

This property is used when the Type is Determinate. This property specifies the value for the task completion.

Value property

When the determinate type is used, this value is the current percentage of the processing task.


Show method

Invokes the progress Indicator screen.

Return value  None
Parameters None

ShowWithTitle method

Invokes the progress Indicator with a custom title.

Return value  None
Parameters title:Character(255)


Invokes the progress indicator with a custom title and description.

Return value  None
Parameters title:Character(255), description:Character(255)

Hide method

Closes the Progress Indicator screen.
Smart Devices: Every time a Progress Indicator is used, the Hide method is automatically added at the end of the composite block. If you want to set it manually to invisible, you can use the Hide method.

Return value  None
Parameters None


It does not have any.


Objects Web Panel object, Procedure object, Work With for Smart Devices objectPanel for Smart Devices object
Platforms  Web(.NET,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)
Connectivity  Online, Offline


The progress indicator for web applications has the same requirements as the Server.Socket external object because they both use web sockets. See Progress Indicator requirements for Web.

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