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Deprecated: Since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3. Replaced by Notification Provider API.

Every main object for SD which receives notifications (Enable Notifications property in True) enables a group of properties for Android and iOS in order to set their certificates that allows you to send notification to your devices. These properties can be changed at runtime by using Notification Configuration external object.

Note: This external object must be used dynamically (i.e. as a variable).

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Exists a very common use case when sending notifications when the sender procedure is not in the same environment as the rest services, and in general, it is a command line procedure. To easily cover this scenario, it is possible to modify the sender properties at runtime using the external object NotificationsConfiguration and the RemoteNotifications.SetConfiguration method.


iOScertificate property

The iOS's PKCS12 certificate file path (analogous to iOS PKCS12 Certificate property). 

iOScertificatePassword property

The iOS's PKCS12 certificate password (analogous to iOS PKCS12 Password property). 

iOSuseSandboxServer property

A boolean value indicating if the application use sandbox server (True) or not (False) (analogous to iOS use SandBox Server property). 

androidSenderId property

The Android's Sender Id retrieved from Google (analogous to Android Sender Id property).

androidSenderAPIKey property

The Android's Sender API Key retrieved from Google (analogous to Android Sender API Key property).

WNSPackageSecurityIdentifier property


WNSClientSecret property



It does not have any.


It does not have any.


Platforms  Smart Devices (iOS, Android)

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