RemoteNotificationResult external object

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Deprecated: Since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3. Replaced by Notification Provider API.

The RemoteNotificationResult external object encapsulates information about the delivering status to a specific device when a remote notification has been sent (by using RemoteNotification.Send method).

Note: This external object must be used dynamically (i.e. as a variable).

LocalNotificationsResultexternalobject-Location_png RemoteNotificationResult - External object


ErrorCode property

Gives the error code of the delivered notification. For instance:

  • 200: Deliver success.
  • 400: Deliver error on client-side.
  • 500: Deliver error on server-side.

ErrorDescription property

Gives an error description. It is empty when no error occurs.

DeviceType property

The device type, based on SmartDeviceType domain.

DeviceToken property

The token (or identifier) of the registered device.


It does not have any.


It does not have any.


Platforms  Smart Devices (iOS, Android)

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