GAMExampleLogin object

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In the case of Web Applications, the GamExampleLogin object (which is part of the GAM Examples) allows the user to log in using GAM Local Authentication Type, and all the other GAM Authentication Types which have been defined in the GAM Repository.

If you take a look at the code, it loads in a grid all the authentication types existing in the GAM Repository, and it displays the selection of each one using the Small Image associated with the Authentication Type.


The code associated with the selection of each one of the Authentication Types is as follows:

Event 'SelectAuthenticationType'
    &AdditionalParameter.AuthenticationTypeName = &NameAuthType
    &LoginOK = GAMRepository.Login(&UserName, &UserPassword, &AdditionalParameter, &Errors )

In the GAM Repository, you can define as many equal Authentication Types as you want. They are identified by their name when you execute the Login method; for example, if you have more than one GAM Remote Authentication Type, each one is identified by their name, so they are all included in the list of Authentication Types available for the user to log in.