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GeneXus allows you to organize your objects in folders, which is the typical hierarchical view. Additionally, you can have several simultaneous ways of organizing your objects, by assigning "Categories" to them. An object can belong to many categories, and the categories can in turn belong to other categories.

As a result, you can view your KB in different ways depending on your needs. Observe the following image:


 For example, you can have:

  • A category called 'Objects to Review', with subcategories per user, and each one with a set of objects.
  • A 'Customers' category with all the objects related to Customers (transactions, work panels/web panels, procedures).
  • A category called 'Tasks', with Wiki documents that specify the tasks that need to be performed by each developer.
  • Categories for each functional area of the application, like 'Sales' . 

Classification of Categories

Categories can be classified into:

  • Static Categories: They are created through the Category View, and then objects must be added to it through the Properties window of each object.
  • Dynamic Categories: The category content is automatically loaded with those objects that always match the search criteria. Dynamic categories are created through the Search window, but also through the Category View specifying some Query and/or Properties in the Category Properties window.

Let's now learn how to create a Category.



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