GeneXus X .NET Generator

Unofficial Content

This pages describes the new features regarding exclusively the .NET generator. This means, features which doesn't apply to other generators or features which already were implemented in others and now are also included in .NET.
Finally it also includes all known compatibility issues (regarding this generator) with previews versions.

New Features

Auto Compress HTTP Traffic Property

The use of this feature (already available in Java Generator in previous versions) lowers the bandwith usage between browser and webserver and therefore improves application performance. This feature is used by default (the default value of the property is 'YES'), but you can disable it setting 'No'. 'No' value can be helpful for troubleshooting purposes, to understand the content of browser<->server traffic.
More information in SAC 22102

Consume native classes

External Objects (EO) allow you to access native classes of the language (assemblies) 
We can create an EO manually from the "New Object" dialog, indicating each property/method, or we can use a Wizard/Inspector to make our work easier.

The see the full documentation, please refer to Native Object (assemblies and/or classes) 

Build Mode Property

This property controls the application building process and its "Incremental" value speeds up the prototyping cycle. This property applies only to the prototype environment.

More Information...

Compatibility Section

.NET Framework support

.NET Framework 1.1 is not longer supported. .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required.

Informix client version 2.90 or higher

Informix client version 2.90 or higher is required. Using lower versions will produce the following error: Internal error: Function call failed (SQL0035N The file "C:\Program Files\Informix\Client-SDK\msg\en_us\IBM.Data.Informix.xml" cannot be opened.)

ODBC support

The Access technology ODBC is not supported. Generated applications can just access the DBMS through ADO.NET.
This implies that some DBMS versions which don't support ADO.NET are not supported any more (like Oracle 7.x for example).

Check the generator property changes if you are converting from GeneXus 9.0 to GeneXus X.