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You can search for any given text or even for specific property values within the Community Wiki. Basic search patterns are:

  • all of the words: data selector and data provider
  • exact phrase: "Data Providers"
  • at least one of the words: provider OR selector
  • wildcards: per*
  • fuzzy words: geneus~
  • grouping words: (selector OR provider) AND NOT data
  • inclusion/exclusion: search "parm -event" and it finds the parts where a "parm" exists and where no "event" appears

Check the following link to know additional options to search.

Advanced (Community Wiki specific)

You can also combine the previous search patterns with specific property values which are indexed every time a page is saved to enhance your search results.

  • type: search for a specific page type, the available options are: Article, Image, File, Category, Template, Talk, Group or Toc.  
  • status: search for a page status, available options are: Open, Closed or ToDelete.
  • owner: page owner of a wiki page.
  • user: the last user who saved a page.
  • category: search for pages within a specific category name.
  • viewstatus: page view status, Public or Private.
  • comment: page comments.


  • type:image status:Closed

All wiki pages of type Image with Closed status.

  • category:"GeneXus X Evolution 3 Documentation" msbuild

All wiki pages in the GeneXus X Evolution 3 Documentation category containing the msbuild word.

  • owner:admin status:open category:Eng

All wiki pages from the admin user, with open status in the Eng category.

  • status:open category:definitions

All wiki pages with open status and with definitions category.

  • type:file mono

All wiki pages of type file containing the mono word.

  • type:category management

All wiki pages of type category containing the management word.

  • user controls -status:todelete owner:pedro type:article

Only articles containing "user controls" words, not marked to delete and owned by Pedro.

  • type:toc timezone

All wiki pages of type table of content containing the timezone word.


The following words will not be taken into account in the search:

an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, for, if, in, into, no, not, of, or, such, that, the, their, then, there, this, they, to, will, with.