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Here are some frequently asked questions and tips for editing in the GeneXus Community wiki.

1. How to add a link to a GeneXus Community Wiki page?

Being in edit mode and positioned in the place where you want to add the link, click on the "Wiki Link" button (W). A dialog box will be opened. Type the desired page name. If you want to show a different title than the page name, write it in the Description field. Proceed to confirm.

The wiki link syntax:

In edit mode, you will see the wiki link like this: [[GeneXus Community Wiki Style Guide]]
Once it is published, it will look like this: GeneXus Community Wiki Style Guide

Note: Do not copy and paste the link from the browser and add the link as an external page.

2. How to link an external page?

You can use the familiar "Link" button from the toolbox to reference an external link. It is recommended to use the format described here to keep using the wiki syntax. Some examples:

[] standard link
[|go to the Wiki Home] the link is hidden within the description

3. How to use an RSS feeder?

Go to and copy the shortcut to subscribe to any Feed Reader.

4. How to search?

Using the Search Box and Search button at the top right corner. In the article How to search in the GeneXus Community Wiki you will find tips about searching.

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