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It's a table property that indicates how often the table data changes. Its value is used to control database access caching when Database Access Caching property is enabled.


0. Pretty Often Use this value for objects that should not be cached. This is the default value.
1. Time to Time The cache is refreshed when the period specified by "Time to Time" Property is over.
2. Hardly Ever The cache is refreshed when the period specified by "Hardly ever" Property is over.
3. Almost Never This value should be used for objects that, once read, should never be removed from the cache.



  • Cached database accesses may be flushed from memory due to Cache storage size property
  • After having changed the value of the property, a rebuild all is needed. In fact, only the programs that navigate to the cached table will change its source code.


Platforms: Web(.Net, Java)
Controls: Table

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