Web Editor toolbars formatting

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There are standard operations for editing and formatting text used when designing a form. 

This toolbar is always present in the GeneXus IDE

To select any one of the options all you have to do is click over the icon corresponding to the desired option on your palette. The options provided by the palette are:

Formating Toolbar

Show Borders Button One of the remarkable options related to web objects is this  that allows visualize the borders of the tables whose Border property has the value 0. In this way, table borders can be viewed in design even though they are not viewed at execution time.

Show Hot Tracking Another remarkable option is this that shown the tracking controls when the mouse pointer is over the control.

Show Details Button And other remarkable option is this that simplify the use of Text Block controls.


  • Multiple selections are supported.
  • The color managed in the toolbar is always the “foreground”.
  • The font assigned to the forms is the attributes default font.
  • The font and color assigned to the grid is the one used in the columns.
  • The color edition works for all controls except the following: bitmap, button, tab control.