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Returns the weekday for a given date in the selected language. If no language is specified, the one selected in the Model Properties is used.

The value 'spaces' is returned if the received parameter is null.


Cdow(date-expression | datetime-expression [ ,language ] )

Type returned:

language must be one of the following:

  • spa - Spanish
  • eng - English
  • por - Portuguese
  • ita – Italian
  • chs - Simplified Chinese
  • cht - Traditional Chinese
  • jap - Japanese


If English is the set language, and no other language is explicitly used in the function:

CDOW(CTOD('08/28/08')) = Thursday

If we specify 'spa', that is, Spanish as the language, then the result is displayed in Spanish no matter what default language has been set in the Model Properties.

CDOW(CTOD('08/28/08'), 'spa') = Jueves


Implementation is case sensitive (all three characters have to be lowercase).


Objects   Procedure object, Transaction object, Web Panel object

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