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To allow building a character expression from a different one, by adding N times, a specified character, or blanks, to the left. Notice all leading spaces from the original string will be removed before applying the function. The implementation of the function starts with the following code:

PadL(string text, int size, string fill)
    String trimText = new String(ltrim(text));
    ... // continue function


Padl(Str, Len [,FillChar])

Type returned

   Is the character expression from which you want to add left blanks or with the FillChar if indicated

   Is the numeric expression that indicates the length of the returned string.

   Is the caracter added on the left of ‘Str’. It is an optional parameter, if it is not specified, then blanks will be added.


Returns a character string, aligned on the right, which is the result of concat the specified ‘FillChar’ , ‘len’ times on the left of the ‘Str’  specified for the function.


PadL(“My string”, 14) = “     My string”
PadL(“My string”, 14, ‘*’) = “*****My string”


Objects  Procedure object, Transaction object, Web Panel object

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